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Milf with curls in her long hair spreading her pussy lips07:00

Overall Rating:71%
So Sexy, So Soft: After a good looking Milf with a tight body veiled in bright ping lingerie starts stripping she immediately gets wet. While smiling she starts pulling open her pussy lips and ends up hardcore fingering.

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2015-02-24 06:00:39 Hazel
It's funny. I taught mseylf this song by listening to this version because it as the best I could find on YouTube. I had, of course, heard the original, but I didn't own it. I just listened to it again realized how horribly off-key she is. I noticed it before, but I didn't realize how bad her mistakes are. I also learned the monologue from this, despite her total lack of emotion. Yet I can sing/act this very well (Her dancing is dreadful as well, but I'm a lousy dancer, so I can't talk.)

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