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Blonde honnie with green eyes rubbing her shaved cunt07:00

Overall Rating:75%
Violet Sheets: A silky haired blonde with sparkly lips is slowly turning towards the cam while stripping. After getting onto her back she smiles then start polling her perfectly shaved, pink slit open.

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2015-02-23 18:59:14 Noe
{blushing}I want to tell you all, specially Jeremy, that I never met Fiddy. He never came to Brazil and the 3 days I've spent in London I was meiarrd and had not a clue that I was going to take any psych-drug.As you can see, specially Jeremy, there's no possibility whatsoever of any kind of physical contact between Fiddy and me since we never met.What I meant it that it was touching reading what he wrote.I apologize to all Fiddy's girlfriends and I promise I will start studying English.Sincerely yours,Ana

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