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Two sensual brunettes make love and get naughty04:00

Nubile Films
Overall Rating:71%
The Touch Of Two: Having too feel her hot body makes her so wet, she just wants to lick every part of her body especially her shaved pussy. It tastes so good, she wants to make her cum by giving her kisses while fingering her.

Users Comments

2015-02-24 10:21:30 Katie
It's the third book that redeems the other two. So isn't that what alot of YA is some ysuegotnr crushing on someone else? I simply must know if there is better YA out there because some of the stuff I've read (leaves something to be desired). I started having to read it because I had given my kid sister a big batch of books from my pile that was going to go to the used book store most of them were ones I never got around to reading. So the step mom was ticked when a few turned out to have "adult" content hey give me a break i didn't know i didn't read them lol. So from then on I was tasked with screening her reading material. Thank goodness she's 18 now and that's over.

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