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Blonde in black gets drenched with cum after sucking07:00

Overall Rating:100%
Tempting...: After a short seduction a blonde babe gets her panties pulled down and perfectly shaved slit licked up and stimulated while nestled in between orange pillows then sucks cock and gets cum on her tummy.

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2015-02-24 05:35:36 Wahyu
I've never been blonde I'm sainvg that for when the grey overtakes the brown *ahem*. I guess what would bother me the most is the whole roots thing. I don't know how dark your roots come through, or for that matter, how expensive it is to get them touched up regularly (it's a killer over here, I foolishly let Daughter go black when she's light brown and it costs me about a360 (which, I guess is about 65/70 euros) every 6 weeks to have it re-done!) so that might impact on staying blonde? However, it's more about how you feel' as a blonde or a brunette! And if it's been a while since you've been brown, whether you fancy a change? And I second the pics thing, you saw one of me when I'd just been re-styled !

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