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Red haired Milf in black stripping and masturbating07:00

Overall Rating:81%
Big & Natural: A big breasted, red haired Milf is sliding her hands all over her silky, black lingerie before teasing her privates. She gets on her back and then slowly strips while masturbating her cunt.

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2015-02-24 14:01:05 Hina
It seems like forever since we used to exhcgnae emails on your blog. You are as stunning as you were then. In the mean time, I'm about to hit 74 years old. Can't believe it.I still have your pictures from those days and your picture is still on my secret site that I won't mention but I remember you liked my art work. I've been modeling from time to time but seemed, for no reason at all, to have given up art. It's just too easy for me to put things off as time goes by. Lots of love. I'm always on the look out for your many new pixs. Like to join you on the Wive's Club but even modeling jobs are fizzling out for an ugly old guy and it's getting harder and harder as I get older and older to do many of the things I'd like to.Love you forever.

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