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Tempting blue eyed hottie spreading her pink slit07:00

Overall Rating:71%
Let's Get Naughty: After this dreamy blonde is done tempting and teasing half naked on her bed she starts stripping. She slides her hands all over perfect tits before she is pushing slim fingers into her cunt.

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2015-02-23 22:39:32 Alejandro
As long as it is not excessive! It can be more or less. Basically if you cufotf yourself from society and all you do is masturbate, that is what we say is wrong. If you are fully functional member of society, have friend, play games, study etc, you should not be worried too much. If you have *need*, one time a month is ok, even twice a week is ok, even one time a week is ok, even 2 times a week is ok, even 1 time day is ok. But remember, a point comes in when it become an addiction! You want to set it for yourself, where you want to stop.

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